Daily News: Chorier; FKTs; UTWT

G’day one and all. We’re sorry if you’ve been left with a blank screen for the last few days when trying to access our website. We’ve been to the edge of the earth and back to find out what the issue was and uncovered an annoying little plug-in issue… none of which I’m sure you care about! You just want to know when you’re gonna get your dose of daily trail news! Well here we are, back with a bang!

  • One of the gents of the trail, Julian Chorier recalls his UTMB experience
  • It’s raining FKTs all over the place right now… check out this rather awesome video of the Mt. Marathon record time from the July 4th 2013 from Eric Strabel and Rickey Gates.
  • Some thoughtful analysis on the recently launched Ultra Trail World Tour from Ian Corless – Many comments on our Facebook page too. Some calling it a land grab, others staring in disbelief that we could even question how awesome a concept it is. My opinion? Nice idea, not been thought through enough. People are entitled to ask questions, its basic human nature – it’s what also ensures that we strive to improve in everything we do. If we took everything at face value and didn’t ask questions, what kind of world would we live in?
  • Heel strike Vs. Forefoot… which one are you?
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