Daily News; Final UTMB

It’s been a hectic old weekend in the ultra world. UTMB went off like a box full of firecrackers, then someone goes and announces the world championships of the world best ever in the history of trail running… hmmm… and and a few other things went on too:

  • Run of the week, probably the entire year to be honest, America’s Rory Bosio. Not only taking out the women’s race, but 99.5% of the men’s field too, finishing an awesome 7th overall. Madam, we bow and take off our chapeau’s to you
  • And also a surprise in the men’s field too at UTMB, with Xavier Thevernard a mange le biscuit. Bravo!
  • BUT… then we get an announcement of the Ultra Trail World Championships. Good for the sport’s profile? Or is it just one big corporate back slap for rich kids?
  • Finally, the last word of the UTMB day goes to Gill Fowler, a local Aussie (English) lady who excels on the terrain of UTMB and finished an amazing 6th place. Plus she lives down the road from me too in Balmain here in Sydney. Nice one Gill.
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3 thoughts on “Daily News; Final UTMB

      1. Thanks Charlie, I thought Jim had gone lower… think he finished in the top 10-15 that year too… one of the best performances by an Aussie overseas I’d say that one… Maybe even the ‘greatest day for Australian trail running’… please…:)

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