Daily News Special: Kilian and the Matterhorn

It’s almost the weekend, that means it’s almost long run time… we’re releasing the daily news a little early… or late depending on where you are in our global village. Kilian Jornet sets off in just under one hour to attempt the record of a lifetime. We’ll find out in around 4 hours’ time…

  • “It is a technical route that is not difficult BUT if I fall, I will die! I need to know the route very well” – Kilian Jornet offers some wise words ahead of his Matterhorn attempt. One hopes that he just gets through it safely – this is a big one.
  • More Kilian insights and goodness here on a video interview about Matterhorn. Plus I think this just became my new favourite ever action picture.

There is other news though going on…

  • Leadville was so last week 🙂 UTMB is now where it’s at… check out this cool Julian Chorier video.
  • Over-crowding in trail races or lack of responsibility for your own well-being. Who should take control here?
  • Rule Britannia! Ian Sharman and Nick Clarke on British domination at Leadville (OK, I know they both live in the US!)
  • Tim Olsen… living proof that you can be a legendary trail runner and a family man too – just like most of us really.
  • The world is ******* insane – One hopes that Governments around the world will tackle the fast food and processed food industry in a similar vein to what has happened with the tobacco industry… then again, Government are pretty crap at that aren’t they?

*Feature image credit to Montaz Rosset.

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