Daily News: Pikes Peak; 40 maras,40 days,no legs; ‘Jorts’; Sitting down is bad (shock, horror!)

Here’s your daily dose of trail and ultra goodness, ‘stunningness’, funnies and reflection… straight to your desktop:

  • Big hand to Japan’s Touru Miyahara for his win at Pikes Peak yesterday. Here’s some footage atop the mountain before the guys headed back down to the finish.
  • And for the ladies… Stevie Kremer talks about her win at Pikes.
  • Apparently sitting down all day is bad for you… tell us runners something we don;t know will ya!
  • Big respect… 40 marathons in 40 days between Land’s End and John O’Groats in the UK… oh and doing it with no legs as well.
  • I thought running was a non-contact sport?
  • Chaffing anyone? I know Aussies are fans of their ‘Jorts’, but this guy takes the biscuit!
  • Kilian’s been teasing us these last few weeks with Matterhorn pics… now it’s official. He’s going to have a crack at the legendary Bruno Brunod’s record… this guy is on another level. Just so you’re in the know, the record from Cervinio – The Top – Cervinio is 3h14mins…
  • Ryan Sandes has had a pretty tough time of it these last six months… here he tries to unravel it all.


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