Daily News: British takeover; Frosty’s jewels; White Ambit; Dolomites beauty

long run

It’s been a big weekend of running, accessories and plenty to get your running taste buds ignited!

  • Seems as though the English/British are winning everything right now, rugby, cricket, athletics and now Leadville – Ian Sharman took out Leadville this weekend, with fellow Englishman Nick Clarke in second. Nice pic of Ian here.
  • Special mention also to New Zealand’s Mike Aish who was third at the 2013 Leadville 100 in 18:28:01.
  • Check out the Pikes Peak course… are they running right about now?
  • The big guns are gearing up for UTMB.
  • Frosty’s jewels are ready as well… seems like there’s plenty for the ladies with this new white Ambit doing the rounds as well!
  • Want to race in the Dolomites? Check this video out… imagine Parks NSW in Australia allowing you to do this? Nope me neither… You’d need to fill in 50 million forms, have 345m of red tape ready and then rely on 34 people doing the job of one person to decide if it was safe…

Enjoy the start to the week’s running…

Feature Image credit:©PatitucciPhoto



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