Who will be the leading ANZ runners at TNF100?

So yesterday we gave you our views on the form and who’s hot and who’s not. So today we thought we’d ask you our readers what you think and who will be the leading ANZ runners, both male and female.

Although the international presence is down slightly this year, we do have the highlight of having Ryan Sandes over once again for the third year in a row. We’re kind of thinking that bar a major catastrophe, Ryan will win. But we want to know who you think will be the leading ANZ runner this year?

Ryan is back for a third year running - his presence is making our local talent want to run harder
Ryan is back for a third year running – his presence is making our local talent want to run harder

The incoming international talent has seen a plethora of guys and girls locally that want to try to beat the likes of Ryan and the other international stars. As we’ve seen from the previews, there are a lot of guys who have the potential, not necessarily to beat him, but to aim for sub 10.

Likewise in the ladies, we have 3-4 of them playing in the 11 hour category, and if anything there’s going to be a real shoot out between them, with all to play for around the final checkpoint at the Queen Victoria Hospital.

So who do you think will win the title of leading ANZ runner? The spoils went to Vajin Armstrong and Beth Cardelli (who won the female title last year). Who knows, some may even end up beating Ryan! We’ve complied the names below, it’s over to you to decide where your heart or miss-guided loyalties lie! 🙂

All you need to do is pick one male and one female runner from the list i.e. pick two boxes and then hit the vote button. Don’t tick one box and then hit the vote button expecting to do the other – it won’t work!

Take it away…

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12 thoughts on “Who will be the leading ANZ runners at TNF100?

  1. Armstrong, Tuckey, Davies, Donges take it up to Sandes until CP4, Sandes breaks away on climb up Kedumba, thinks he has it in the bag as he leaves the hospital, Walter storms through the techy trail in the last 6K at 3:20/k pace to break 9hours and bring the title back to Aus.

    You just watch.

      1. Rob. 9hours is a stretch, and maybe 3:20/k is, too… but hey, I’m here to speculate, hype and build buzz. Invite me to a party and I’ll do the same re: the birthday cake.

        For the women, its hard to go past Stephenson, Cardelli and Quinn. I hope that:
        a) it comes down to a battle of wills
        b) they run as a pack and attack/surge/counter
        c) it gets at least as much coverage as the men’s race.

  2. Joanne Brischetto has been overlooked in the ladies, while not proven over the distance – I think she may pull a “Tuckey” on the day…

    1. The only question I have here is will she run around 11 hours? I think people talk up this course as being ‘easy’, but it’s far from it… to go 11 hours on this track is tough and when you look at the female record of 11:18 that says everything. Jo will need to be running 11 hours or so to be in with a podium chance in my opinion.

  3. Hi Dan. Always a bit of fun trying to pick the fastest runner. You might want to check your HTML on this page. For some reason the Poll is not showing up for me in Chrome.

  4. It will be interesting to see how Shona and Brendan go with that 100 miler in the legs from 3 weeks ago. It must be hard physically but to get yourself mentally up after that must be so hard.

  5. Pretty sure that Steph Gaskell is out with injury. A pity as she was close to Shona at Maroondah and if un-injured should have been up there to push the front end.

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