The Ultra168 TNF100/50 Survey

The North Face 100 is done and dusted for another year and the ultra-circus has left the Blue Mountains to recover. Last year we did a very simple Gear Survey to understand what you our readers wore in the race and to get a sense of where you were spending your hard-earned cash and which brands you favoured. We thought it was interesting to see where the market sat and what you our readers liked to buy.

During the event this year, a number of you approached us to ask if we were going to run the survey again, and the good news is that we’re keen to see what you thought, not only regarding the gear you used, but also to understand a little bit more about the how, what and why of the race. So this year we’ve expanded our survey to ten simple questions that go a little bit deeper than just gear. We want to know your motivations for racing, what you enjoyed about the day and also whether you’re going to return next year too. If you’re a 50km runner will you step a gear next gear and race the 100kms?

The survey is very easy to complete. For each question simply select your answer then hit the vote button after each section. Remember to do this after each question – select your answer and then press vote. Don’t select all of your answers and then press vote at the end as it will only register your vote for question 10! When you answer, you’ll be able to see the results in real-time too after each question.

There’s one multiple choice question, which is Q3 on nutrition. Simply follow the guidelines above, but hitting ‘vote’ after each entry. Unfortunately you can’t choose multiple answers and then hit vote, each answer must be submitted individually. You can also leave comments as well if you wish after each section. Just hit the ‘comments’ button.

BUT, we’re not going to ask you to do this for free! If you submit your name and email address, we’ll throw you into the hat to win a free pair of running shoes, thanks to our sponsors, Footpoint Shoe Clinic. You get to choose your shoe and of course, size. The winner will be notified once the poll is closed, which will be at 5pm, Tuesday 28th May. Thanks once again for your time and for taking part in the survey, we’re doing it just for fun and to also benchmark against the results from last year too. Following this we’ll do a full write-up of results.

*A small but important note, this is not affiliated to The North Face organisers or any brand in any way. No-one has asked us to do this survey other than a few requests from our readers.

So to get started, simply click here or on the image of Brendan Davies winning this year’s event below, which will take you through to the survey app we created on our Facebook page!

If you take part in the survey you could even win the race next year like Brendan.... ermmm, maybe not :)
If you take part in the survey you could even win the race next year like Brendan…. ermmm, maybe not 🙂
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