Gear Review: CW-X VersatX Support Bra

It’s been a week of handing over the reigns to our men and women on the ground and this time round we have one of Canberra’s trail Queens Bryony McConnell very kindly reviewing for us, one of the latest women’s running bras. As Bry mentions below, none of the guys here at Ultra168 could quite get themselves into a B cup (although Dan was close), so we handed over this essential bit of gear to Bry for a review… take it away Bry!

Finding the perfect sports bra for many female runners is an ongoing challenge.   I was very happy to get the chance to be given the opportunity to review a CW-X Sports Bra on behalf of Ultra168 (apparently the boys were not up for this review), and I was lucky to get my hands on the CW-X VersatX Support Bra to trial.

The low-down

In lay ‘womans’ terms, it is a soft cup, highly supportive running bra with no seams in er-um ‘inappropriate’ spots. It is rear fastening, but with straight shoulder straps, not the racer back or cross over often found in sports bras.

Having now done many kms and different types of training sessions in this bra, I must say I have been impressed with the comfort and support it has offered.  A very important factor for me was chaffing/rubbing on long runs.  I have previously suffered with rubbing from bra bands in 50k + runs.  The design of this bra is seamless and the fabric used in the band has caused me no issues, which has been a very pleasant surprise.  Additionally, while a back fastening bra, the clips are well-covered, so I am not getting sub spot from my pack pushing them into my back.

Versatex Support Bra - It's not for blokes
Versatex Support Bra – It’s not for blokes

Fit is obviously a very important factor, so obviously important to try one on & get a good firm fit.  If you can’t get in to try one on, CW-X have a sizing guide online. I did find however I needed to size down, so consider how firm a fit you want if purchasing online.  I also found the fit seemed very firm when first putting it on especially in trying to fasten it, requiring some getting use to as the fabric is fairly thick and seemed to have less give than some others, once on and moving it felt great.

The CW-X bras are also designed with separate cups, so slightly different from many of the crop style running bras on the market.  This helps in minimizing the mono-bust effect often given as they flatten into one.  The bra is also cut higher than many others, thus giving more coverage & support for larger busted runners or those who choose to run in just a crop.

Here is their spiel on it’s features for those that like their detail:

Balance support, comfort and adjustability with a flattering silhouette. The VersatX Support Bra features

  • the 5-point CW-X Targeted Support Web built into each cup for optimal motion control for each breast.
  •  Coolmax®/Lycra® tricot fabric with LiteStretch mesh back provides moisture wicking and breathability for added   comfort.
  • Hook and clasp back closure.

The final word:

A good supportive, wicking running bra.  Comparably easy to get on as does not cross over or have racer back, so for those with shoulder issues it could be fastened and then turned around.

Fit being such a personal thing, I would always recommend fitting or trying them on first.  CW-X have other options aimed at different sizes, so worth a look at the different designs to see what works for you.

It has stood up well to a lot of kms & the associated washing (and lets just say I am not gently on it – no wash bag or hand washing) and has held shape, support and still looks good!  Not the cheapest option out there, but comparable to the more supportive bras on the market and you do get what you pay for in this bra.

*In the interests of transparency, Bry was provided with a VersatX bra by CW-X to test for the purpose of this review.

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  1. Have you thought of testing bras on a DD size bust. my netball friends would love to test them. If you make them for larger breasted women.
    Cheers sandra

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