Running the BNT – Insights from super ultra runner Rich Bowles

If you’re on Facebook and you’re a friend of Richard Bowles, we’re sure you’ve come across his amazing run along the BNT, which in plain English stands for Bicentennial National Trail. Rich started this mammouth run back on March 25th, which involves running around 50kms a day along the 5,330km track that starts in Victoria and finishes up in Northern Queensland.

Along the way, Rich has suffered many trials and tribulations, and we have to admit, keeping people interested in this type of thing must be a very hard thing to do when you’re at it for five months or so. To say that this is going to be a life changing experience for Richard is an understatement, and he and his partner Vickie have worked tirelessly to get this off the ground while also raising bucketloads of cash for Sane Australia.

We caught up with Rich and he recorded this special and exclusive insight for Ultra168 on his travels so far. We hope you enjoy and please do support Richard and follow his progress updates either on Facebook or on his website.

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