Gear Review: Ron Hill Trail Cargo Short

So what is a Trail Cargo short you may ask? That’s what our guest reviewer Caine Warburton is here to tell us. Caine has featured before with his review of some Adidas shoes a few weeks back, and he’s very graciously offered to pen some more thoughts on gear with this review which we hope you enjoy. Over to you Caine…

The Trail Cargo Short is an ingenious design cast out from the boffins at the Ron Hill think tank. Combining the benefits of load carrying capacity for gels/keys/phones and more with some of the most technical fabrics available to man kind. The end result? A Trail short like no other and a lingering question “how do they do it?”

The Junk in the trunk

The major difference between these and a regular pair of trail shorts is the 4 elasticized storage pockets, two elastic storage loops and a zippered mesh pocket all at the rear, oh not to mention to the two front hand pockets to boot. There are more pockets on these shorts than most military uniforms!

The storage pockets at the rear are amazingly versatile. On first inspection I was hesitant about their ability to hold gels and the like without causing excessive bounce or to have the gels fall out from the open tops. However after my first test run I couldn’t have been more wrong. These pockets with their elastic, stretch to fit the gels in, causing the fabric to be tight against the gel stopping any bounce or accidental falling out. The elastic loops are an interesting and fun addition to the short. I personally have yet to find a need to use them but they could be used for any number of things like gel and bar storage or holding gloves. The two front hand pockets are great for quick storage of rubbish or the like and contrary to my first impressions are not noticed at all when running.

The other issue I noted on first inspection was the size of these pockets and whether they could accommodate the range of gel sizes now available on the running market. I have personally tested these shorts with the smallest gels I could find (GU) and the largest (Science in Sport) and I am pleased to report that there where no issues carrying either of these radically different sized gels.

All of the rear pockets on this short including the zippered larger pocket are made out of highly breathable and lightweight mesh which is a great way of making these highly versatile shorts lighter and extremely breathable.

Other Goodies

The Trail Cargo has a standard 5 inch cut and personally I haven’t worn such a “long” short in some time preferring the racer spilt style myself. When I first put these shorts on I noticed that the fabric was smooth to touch being quite supple and stretchy. On trial these shorts, somewhat to my surprise, where exceptional over very steep and technical mountain trails. The stretch fabric allowed the users legs a great deal of maneuverability completely unrestricted by fabric, which is a massive positive to any runner requiring high knee lift. The shorts also have an inner brief made from bamboo to aid in trail hygiene, something some of us tend to struggle with out there. Currently the Trail Cargo is only available in black and its use of high quality fabrics keeps the weight down and the wicking properties up.

The Finish Line

This is a brilliantly constructed short with a current RRP of $39.00 available from the website. In my view, this short is extremely good value for money and quite clearly punching above its weight. The pockets are the major winner here, and what sets it apart from the pack. The only downside being that they are only available in black as shown.

Enjoy the trails!

Caine Warburton

Ultra runner/Coach

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4 thoughts on “Gear Review: Ron Hill Trail Cargo Short

  1. Well, seeing as I’ve inadvertently adopted somewhat of a watchdog role in the past, I may as well continue to rail.

    Caine (a great friend of mine and a great bloke) is one of the ambassadors for Ronhill Downunder.
    In accordance with the Ultra168’s principles; and what I have been told about how your own Salomon ambassador (Vizey) can’t review salomon products on the site; it would be good if you noted the fact that Caine is an ambassador for the company at the top of the post.



    1. Thanks for letting us know Zac. I wasn’t aware that Caine was an ambassador for Ron Hill. I’ll be sure to amend the review accordingly. Had I actually known this prior I probably wouldn’t have allowed the review to go ahead, but as long as readers are clear and interests are declared then I’ll let this one go, but its unlikely that this will happen in the future as its not in line with our policy. Additionaly zac I’d like to think that all 2600 people that follow us and read our articles are watchdogs for us, that’s how we operate.

      1. Awesome Dan, thanks heaps mate!
        You’re right, everyone is a watchdog – I just meant that I have been a highly critical one at times!

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