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No sooner has North Face been completed, than do we have another big trail race of goodness to keep us going this weekend. The Mount Macedon trail races are being run south of the border, incorporating 10km, 30km and 50km events. The one we’re interested in is the 50km race given its new standing this year as the Australian Trail Championships after the cancellation of 6ft track in March.

Naturally this race is dominated by those who live down Victoria way, and while we won’t be seeing some of the talent from around the rest of the country, there’s still a very healthy smattering of quality up front.

Pick of the bunch are , namely Damon Goerke, Andy Kromar, Chris Wight, Toby Wiadrowski, Kevin Mannix, Dan Beard and Daniel Trevena. But after the perils of North Face the other weekend, we hear that a few of these guys are unlikely to race. Chris Wight is one guy who’s pulled the pin already, and there are probably question marks over Damon’s fitness too after he rolled his ankle pretty badly at North Face we hear.

But there is one name that really sticks out here, Andy Kromar. We all know the man from his awesome reputation as Bogong to Hotham course record holder from many a moon ago, and with his recent win in the infamous 3 Peaks race a few weeks ago it seems as if the ultra legend is back mixing it up again. To quote some of our sources down south, the Andy is unlikely to be traveling next to three hours to take pictures for this race – we’re sure he must be in some good form and he’s certainly our pick for the win here.

Andy Kromar and his racing partner John Kent at this year’s 3 Peaks

There is however the ever consistent Kevin Mannix to consider too, and he’s sure to be pushing for contention, along with Dan Trevena too, who was mixing it with some of the lead runners at North Face the other weekend (as part of the pairs race), before he took a wrong turn. Dan Beard, an ever consistent perform is likely to put in a good showing too and we’ll have to see just how much North Face has taken out of Toby Wiadrowski too.

In the ladies, perhaps the standout is Fleur Grose, another member of Team Blackheart, the same stable as Damon Goerke. Ultra168 Editorial board member, Samantha Gash has had a good year of late too and is likely to feature up front too. It looks like a stunner of a race and an area to run in, so best of luck to all competitors.


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7 thoughts on “Mount Macedon Preview

  1. Sweet report guys. This’ll be my first Macedon and am likewise coming of a big TNF100. Should be awesome and Brett Saxon puts on a mean race from all reports.

  2. I have heard that Andy Kromer has been called to arms and is more likely to be seen carrying chainsaws up Bogong this weekend, if the rumour is true it opens the doors for some others up the front end!!

  3. I would have loved to do this race, but I don’t think I have it in the legs to do 30 or more km’s of Hilly Terrain so soon after TNF… Good Luck Tegyn!!!

  4. I’m sacrificing my virginity (ultra virgin). Scared as hell but at the same time can’t wait. How much will it rain? Will it snow? What’s this about flooded tunnels? Anyone notice it finishes on top of the mountain. Ie the last XX k’s are up and up and up? The 50k just grew a few and is now 53, but what is an extra 15-20minutes when you’ve already spent 7 hours running down and up a mountain twice!

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