Want to get your nutrition right for racing? Read on…

As a sponsor of Ultra168, Hammer Nutrition has teamed up with us to offer our readers one of the biggest and best opportunities to listen to one of the most respected and sought after endurance nutrition experts in the world. The number of athletes undertaking Endurance sports, and in particular running has grown tremendously over the last 5 years, and no more evidence of this is apparent than the fact that the North Face 100 drew over 1,000 entrants.

However our ability to successfully complete our goals is quiet often let down by poor nutrition knowledge and decisions. I’m sure we’ve all experienced occasions when our races have broken down due to poor nutrition choices, which can ultimately destroy our race, or even be the cause of many a DNF.

Steve Born is the author of the Endurance Athlete’s bible “The Endurance Athletes Guide to Success” which has been downloaded world wide over 100,000 times. He has already been in contact with a wide variety of Australian athletes across Australia and helped solve their Sports Nutrition problems with great success. His knowledge and ability to pass on this vital information is outstanding, and he is regarded as one of the World’s leading authorities on the topic.

Steve is coming along to Australia and speaking at the following venues:

  • Brisbane – 6th September
  • Perth – 8th September
  • Adelaide – 11th September
  • Melbourne – 12th September
  • Hobart – 14th September
  • Canberra – 16th Sept
  • Wagga Wagga – 17th Sept
  • Sydney – Northern Suburbs – 18th Sept
  • Sydney – Southern Suburbs – 19th Sept.

At each of the seminar, Steve will pass on vital information and be available for and extended Q&A period after each seminar. He will be answering each and every one of your questions. Tickets to the event cost $24:95, however we have four tickets to give away to you courtesy of Hammer.

All you have to do is tell us your biggest nutrition mistake that you’ve made in a race. Hammer will then pick out the best four and you’ll be attending one of the seminars above. Send your entries to ultra168@hotmail.com.

However if you don’t happen to be one of the lucky ones and are still keen to attend, you can book your tickets here.

All seminars will be limited to 75 people to ensure the quality. Hammer will also be conducting sampling on the night.

*Note that Hammer is a sponsor of Ultra168 and we are members of Team Hammer Australia

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7 thoughts on “Want to get your nutrition right for racing? Read on…

  1. I know you guys are an Aussie based website but I don’t suppose you know if Steve will be doing anything similar in Hong Kong/Asia Pacific region. Would love to attend something like this!

  2. Can you please provide more details for the Brisbane seminar (eg time of day and location if known). Thanks.

  3. Great comp. I need desperatly need this advice my guts have been churning and cramping all week after TNF100.

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