North Face 100 Live Coverage

Will it be Brendan?
Or perhaps Mick?
Possibly the Sandman?
Or will UK lad Jez Bragg steal the show?
Or man of muscle Andy Lee?

It’s the biggest ultra of the year and we’re bringing you the live coverage as it unfolds. Our very own Andrew Vize will be out and about on the course, and we have hooked up all the feeds of people that we think will be tweeting away so that they come to you in one place.

All you need to do is click on the link below and it should open up a nice little box for you, bringing you The North Face 100 coverage straight to your living room. The ‘event’ will go live on Saturday morning from 6am, so if you click on it now, you wont see a lot 🙂 But from 6am onwards on Saturday morning we should see a steady stream of North Face goodness coming through.

As always, the information is only as good as what is put in it, so while we’ll be doing our best to get as much information as we can, it won’t be possible to get all details of every runner on the course. If you’re tweeting don’t forget the hashtag #tnf100. However feel free to comment and join the conversation as it unfolds as well.

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