Coming up on Ultra168 – The Aussie Ultra Calendar Ramps Up

After a few quiet months on the ultra scene, we’re ramping up ahead of the winter and there’s a whole heap of racing going in the next two months to whet your appetites.

Today saw the running of the Wild Horse Criterium up in Queensland with a 60km solo event. Then next week, we turn our attention to the road briefly for the Canberra 50kms, which is part of the Canberra Marathon. We’re sure there will be quite a few gun runners targeting this one following the disappointment of the cancellation of Six Foot Track.

On April 21st, we have one of Australia’s most popular ultra-marathons, Melbourne Trailwalker, where we have it on good authority that ultra168

Melbourne Trailwalker is one of the biggest ultra events in Australia and certainly draws in the crowds (Image from Oxfam)

board members, Dave Eadie and Nikki Wynd, along with two of their top class team mates will be gunning for a sub 10 finish time and a new record.

Then on April 22nd, there’s the second running of the Mount Solitary Ultra, probably some of the finest and toughest running the Blue Mountains has to offer over 45kms. Yours truly will be lining up for that one in a bid the get some form in ahead of The North Face 100!

Then on May 5th and 6th we have the precursor to North Face which is the Wild Endurance 100kms, an event for teams that wish to test themselves in the Blue Mountains playground once again.

No Kilian at this year's TNF, but we're sure that the Aussies will give Ryan Sandes and Jez Bragg a run for their money up front this year.

Then on May 19th it’s the biggie, and perhaps the one race that pushed solo 100km racing right into the mainstream, The North Face 100kms. Dan, Andrew and Darrel will all be racing hard in this one, gunning for new PBS all round. But what of Marcus we hear you say? Well the city slicker is off the Europe once again to run in and meet with some of the world’s top ultra runners as part of the Transvulcana and zegma sky running events as you may have read in a previous post.

This is a huge honor for us to have been selected to head over to Europe and cover this race.

Then on May 20th, we have the first race in the Glasshouse series, the Cook’s Tour, which features 50 and 80km solo events. And all of this before June has even started, where we’ll see the national trail running champs being held in the Macedon Ranges, followed by another big daddy in the Gold Coast 100km national road running championships.


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4 thoughts on “Coming up on Ultra168 – The Aussie Ultra Calendar Ramps Up

  1. While September is several months away, some would be wanting to put the Altra Centennial Park Ultramarathon on their calenders too. Have a look at the CR thread for some exciting announcements we made today when registrations opened…

    April and Luke

  2. Cheers Luke, it is indeed quite a while a way and we’re always happy to do previews of the race too. Having run this one last year, its a great addition to the calendar, so looking forward to seeing the entrants list.

    1. Thanks for the heads-up Anth. Sometimes we miss a few things as they’re not listed on the usual calendars. Once again, we encourage race directors to send us information if they would like a race previewed. We’re more than happy to cover the lead-up to races and help to promote them, but do rely on information being sent to us, so feel free RDs to get your info to

      Cheers, Dan

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