UPDATE- Six Foot Track Marathon – River Conditions

So a few of the usual suspects decided to return the Blue Mountains again today to do some training and we didn’t really know what to expect conditions wise after a week of unprecedented rain.

We decided to meet at the start of the Six Foot Track course at the top of Nellies Glen and make out way down the stairs. Conditions were as expected, wet, slippery and in most parts ankle deep water on the trail itself. The waterfalls off the tops were spectacular and the noise was impressive.

As we made our way along the Megalong Valley, trail conditions were remarkably good with most creek crossing only knee deep. The real fun started as we started the descent towards the Cox’s Rive and we could hear it before we could see it.

“Wooooh” was pretty much all we could say as the river was several metres higher than we have ever seen and so wide as it crashed over the various rapids down towards the traditional crossing point come race day.

The power of the Cox’s River!

We took the much slower bridge option and made our way up across the first major climb. As the climb started we came upon a poor chap and his dog who had been trapped since Monday between two creeks. As he described, the creek levels were still rising an he didn’t anticipate getting out anytime in the near future.

So will Six Foot be on ? If conditions stay as they are then definitely NO ! The rivers is 4 times wider than it has been for years and just getting any form of Β rope structure across would be way beyond safe right now. However fingers and all toes crossed that the river drops and the water drains away for race day. We’re all desperate for the race to be on.

If you compare todays video with this one then the river is certainly more fearsome.

The main question is how quick will it drop ? There seems to be so much water higher up in the system, the Cox’s look set to flow for a few days yet.

The video pretty much adds to the debate at this stage.

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21 thoughts on “UPDATE- Six Foot Track Marathon – River Conditions

  1. We all know if you put Ponkey the triathlete first he would have done it easily.
    The thing that amazed me the most, Was that a dog on the swinging bridge because that is a damn fine dog if it is.

  2. Carol and I are gobsmacked by the vid of Coxs in full effect…absolutely treacherous! Clearly insane to attempt to try to put 800 runners across…and the hydraulic forces get v. nasty once the water levels get above the knees.

    You seem to be getting the winter weather that has been absent here in California: little snow in the Sierra and less than 0.75 inches of rain in February! Sunny, clear and 25 C here today.

    cheers to all,

    Phil & Carol

    1. Hi Phil, looks like people may be dipping their feet in American River at Rucky Chucky this year. Great to hear from you both.

  3. Well that looks like a bit of water….. Any of you guys/girls competing in the Alpine Challenge this year?? Does anyone know how BIG, big river is I hear its ahhhh BIG. I hope the river drains quickly so everyone can enjoy the 6ft

    1. Hi Shane we will be racing and covering the Alpine Challenge this year. Which event are you in? I’ve heard big river is pumping. We have a few options of getting info on it’s crossability at both locations so as soon as we know we will let you know. See you in under a fortnight, happy tapering.

      1. Hi Andrew i have entered the 100mile it will be my first 100mile event am really looking forward to it and hoping the course does not get changed. I am guessing we will all know more after the guys/girl head up this weekend for some track clearing. hope to see everyone there fighting fit maybe bring some bathers for the river crossings πŸ™‚

      1. I suspect you may be mixing me up with someone else.

        I’m just back from Costa Rica a week ago where I ran the famous Chirripo trail up to 3420m altitude (http://www.carrerachirripo.com/) gaining 2000m in just 17km. It is a truly beautiful trail from bottom to top.

        This year as a minimum I’ll be doing Hellgate Gorge BOTW 100km, Sri Chinmoy 24hr (Sydney), Poor Man’s Comrades, 12FT, and GNW100 (8th time lucky?).

      2. LOL…DNF fame isn’t quite the same as setting course records, but its nice to be famous just the same πŸ˜‰
        I love that you guys started this site. It really is awesome.

        My legs are great. I’m always race ready πŸ™‚
        I bounced my way through 2km of coastline rock hopping yesterday on the Central Coast from Forresters Beach past Crackneck to Toowoon Bay. It’s got to be the most fun you can have on your feet over a short distance at sea level on flat ground.
        I was really vibing with the downhill running at 3300-3400m altitude on Mt Chirripo, Costa Rica.

  4. wow, that’s impressive. Doesn’t look good does it. not having much luck so far with my trial races, this will be two out of two cancelled due to rain! (well coastal classic was postponed)
    fingers crossed that it drops enough.

    1. Hi Dave, they are a new(ish) jacket from our friends at Salomon. Tom at Footpoint was good enough to source them for us. They have a couple of nice features including nifty little thumb holes to ensure it stays nice and windproof in big winds. Give Tom a call if you want one as I am sure he can source them at a good price for you ?

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