Salomon Sense Competition – Day Three Results

The final day of our competition saw some more cracking pictures coming through, from the inspirational, through the downright funny. That now concludes the three days of fun, and we have our final nine ready for the draw tomorrow. The lucky guys and gals in with a shout for the grand prize are:

Day One – Race Pictures

Jodie Cook

Matt Meckenstock

Phil Murphy

Day Two – Most Scenic Pictures

Oskar Booth

Helen Pretty

Richard Bowles

Day Three – Best Gear

Brett Sammut

Martin Pluss

Clark McClymont

Today’s winning pictures are below, and please do look over the gallery of pictures from all the entrants. Many thanks to everyone who took part, we really appreciate your enthusiasm for this, and good luck to our final nine!

Is Martin a gear junkie? We think so with this little collection!
Clark McClymont's picture shows just how important recovery drinks are and just as important, how we stash them!
Brett had a great story to tell and the motivational gear is part of all our gear requirements we think



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One thought on “Salomon Sense Competition – Day Three Results

  1. Hi all,

    I hope you noted the pack and shoes in the back ground in the next room.

    Well done ultra168 – it was good fun looking at the photos and being involved.

    Also have a 1998 Cool Running shirt but I could not get it viewable in a photo

    cheers Plu

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