Salomon Sense Competition – Day Two

So today saw our readers send in the most scenic pictures of their favourite trails. It’s fair to say we have some serious talent amongst the ranks as the pictures were seriously stunning! It was a really hard choice for our judges, but we finally got agreement on the three pictures below.

If you want to see a selection of the pictures, just click here.

Remember you have one final chance to make it to the final 9 with one more picture competition, which closes at 5pm tomorrow. Send us a picture of your most favourite item of gear. The quirkier the better, so get snapping! As always, send the entries into and we’ll announce the winners of day three tomorrow at 5pm.

The final draw for the grand prize takes place on Monday, with the winner announced at 5pm. Stay tuned!

Richard Bowles grabbed this one along the Larapinta Trail. Top work!
Oskar Booth took this stunna in Tassie.
This is a seriously amazing picture from Helen Pretty along Narrowneck in the Blue Mountains.
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