Want to be in Kilian’s shoes? – Win the only ‘limited edition’ pair of Salomon Sense in Australia

There are very few days that as an ultra runner and as a member of Ultra168 that I would want to trade places with anyone else. Today, unfortunately, is one of those days!


Well, today we get to do something no one else in Australia will get to do.

Today, we give you the chance to obtain the most talked about shoe on the trail running scene. The Salomon S-LAB Sense. And not just any Sense, but a “limited edition” Kilian Jornet collectors version with a unique insole depicting his hand written course notes from his victorious attempt at the Western States 100 miler in 2011.

Only 106 pairs globally are being produced and Ultra168 is the lucky recipient of the only pair being allocated to this part of the world. Kilian will recieve version 01/106

The prize gets better, not only do you get the shoe with its unique number, special insert but it will also be autographed by Kilian in a presentation box with a number of other Kilian goodies including his latest photo book and Kilian’s Quest DVD.

But as with all things Ultra168 we can go one further again, and the lucky winner will also recieve as part of their prize a chance to go on a training run with Leadville Champion and global ultra running superstar Ryan Sandes. The team from Ultra168 will also be joining you for this run so be prepared for some fun in the mountains.

So how do you enter ?

  1. Go to our FaceBook page, like us (if you haven’t already done so).
  2. Over the next 3 days, we will post a topic each day and you must email us at ultra168@hotmail.com your photo that best depicts that topic.
  3. Each day in collaboration with our editorial panel we will choose 3 daily winners, making that  a total of 9.
  4. The 9 winners will go into the draw at the end of the competition for their chance to win the ultimate prize.

It is as simple as that.

Now as this is such a cool prize we have some simple terms and conditions of entry.

  • Be an Australian Resident (Sorry International readers)
  • Not open to members or relatives of Ultra168
  • Only ONE entry per person per day (you can encourage other family and friends to join as long as they like FaceBook first)
  • You must own the image or have permission to use it.
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11 thoughts on “Want to be in Kilian’s shoes? – Win the only ‘limited edition’ pair of Salomon Sense in Australia

    1. I’m curious..Why 106 pairs? why the odd six? It’s usually the special 50 or unique 100?
      HIs Vo2 max isnt 106 nor is he 106cm tall? I wonder if Ultra168 know the inside Gos??

  1. Awesome prize guys seriously one worth winning. I love You guys and this new site, I really do. I’m really disappointed however that the competition is only on through Facebook. I’m not on Facebook and never intend to join. I understand you want people to like your site and Facebook is a way to do that, one way out of many!


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