New Trail Race Series for Sydney – Footpoint Trail Series 2012

It is an exciting time to be a runner at the moment.

Our gear partner Footpoint Shoe Clinic is listening to this demand and with a very succesful trail race last year come up with a full series of trail races in 2012 which we are ecstatic about.

There are big prizes on offer, not only for each race but for the overall series as well in both overall terms and age group categories.

Footpoint Trail Race Clifton Gardens

The course is a favourite of all of us here at Ultra168 and is the staple of our Monday morning trail run.  It’s fast, flowing, technical and has a big descent at the start and a few stairs in the middle as well.  It has something for everyone.

Click here for Details of the race.  In summary;

Date: Sunday 12 February 2012

Time: From 7am for 8am start

Register: Either online by clicking the link above or in store

Start: Allan Border Oval, Mosman

Finish: Sirius Cove Reserve, Mosman

Course maps are on the link above.

Good luck to all.

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Andrew Vize
Sydney based Ultra marathon runner.

8 thoughts on “New Trail Race Series for Sydney – Footpoint Trail Series 2012

  1. Thats fantastic! I always think how easy would it be to have a race over that Balmoral to Sirius Cove trail. Fun if the tide is in at Clifton Gardens too. Good work Footpoint!

      1. Hi Guys,

        Looks like we have 10 or so runners for the 10k from Team Warrior. Sadly our top gun Luke is in Melbourne so won’t be a starter.

        I know Ultra168 only has 4 runners but I figured that since you are all hard core, trail running legends, who will probably run 30k beforehand as a warm-up, you won’t be worried that we outnumber you 2.5 to 1.

        Look forward it


  2. Did some one say challenge. I sense a potential bmmc excursion. May need to be later in series though as many are committed to Huskie tri.

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