Narrabeen Allnighter and Bogong to Hotham – Updated

UPDATED: If you’ve just tuned in. It’s been high drama in both races. The big news is that Bogong to Hotham was cancelled at the halfway point due to adverse weather. Race director Andy Hewat made the big but totally correct call to cancel at Langfords after 144km per hour gusts were being recorded at the top of Mount Hotham. Coupled with hail and extreme winds and rain. The decision in the end was an easy one to make to ensure runner safety.

At the Narrabeen Allnighter, Central Coast athlete Darren McClellan continued where he left off from last year with a great win over Jo Blake. The two guys were running head to head for most of the first few hours before Darren pulled away. Margaret Chu took out the ladies win. More details and full report follow very soon. Provisional results for the top three at Narrabeen are as follows:

1. Darren McClellan 130.051 kms
2. Jo Blake 124.632
3. Mal Gamble 122.355

1. Margaret Chu 103.630 kms
2. Ann Owen 99.157
3. Karen Chan 96.592


It’s that time again where we aim to bring you as much live coverage from some of Australia’s best ultra marathons from those who are there. First up tonight is the Narrabeen Allnighter, where Andrew Vize will be tweeting pretty much all night as he tracks the leading male and female runners, along with anyone else who wants a shout out!

Dan will be down there too for a few hours, before the nappy changing duties call again. Just click on the link below to be taken to our live coverage site. As always, we feed in the tweets from those who will be there, which will in turn appear on our live feed to save you having to search for updates. If you’re posting on Twitter, don’t forget to use the hashtag #NAN

Click Here for Narrabeen Allnighter Live!

Then next on the agenda, crossing over the Narrabeen race is one of Australia’s oldest and most prestigious ultras, Bogong to Hotham. This race has some of the cream of Australia’s marathon and mountain men and women taking part. Our own Marcus Warner is down there to experience the race and he too will be tweeting to his heart’s content to bring you the latest updates as they happen.

Again, just click on the link below to be taken to that live site. As always, let us know if you have any requests or shoutouts. If you’re tweeting on this event, use the hashtag #B2H.

Click Here for Bogong to Hotham Live!

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3 thoughts on “Narrabeen Allnighter and Bogong to Hotham – Updated

  1. #NANJust wondering if you knew how my hubby Mark Williams was going??? Am at home with little kids and would like an update. Seems to have been running with/keeping pace with Malcolm Gamble according to the website.

  2. Hey 168 and Footpoint,

    Thanks for the Support out there on Sat/Sun. Have to admit was an awesome feeling covering the 114km in my first ever Ultra. And week done Thomas. It was great to see him just going, and he was looking strong at the end.

    Thanks again guys.


    1. Great result Gary… that’s awesome for your first ultra. Glad that we could help, although Vizey was the trooper staying up all night to cover it. What have you got planned next?

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