Narrabeen Allnighter Form Guide

Two of Australia's finest athletes taking the course by storm at Narrabeen (image courtesy of AURA and Taronga Zoo)

Jo Blake… He will win.

Nah… In all seriousness, as with Bogong to Hotham we have some quality runners partaking in this well established track event. We’re focusing away from the mountain men for this one and onto the flat liner specialists that view the road as their friend.

There are two events staged at Narrabeen, the first and most popular is the 12 hour run, along with a 100km event too.

Jo Blake is the obvious standout candidate for victory here, but we also have a couple of very strong interstate runners from both Mexico and North of the border too, as well as some more local NSW talent too to support Jo.

First off the blocks is the young gun himself, Zach BS… That stands for Braxton Smith, not BullSh*t :). This boy can run, and he can run fast. He pushed Mick Donges up at the Flinders 50km last year, and went out very hard at the Glasshouse 100 too, before blowing faster than a candle in the wind. Make no mistake Zac will push Jo hard for ย line honours here and he will be with him every step of the way.

The next cab off the rank is a former winner here and annual visitor to the heart of Australia from deep inside Mexican borders, the Maggotman himself. Mal is a very consistent runner over this type of distance/time and we expect him to be right up there too with Jo and Zach. A definite podium for sure we reckon.

Another illegal from deep inside Mexican borders is Rick Cooke. An Aussie rep over 24 hours, Rick will show the young guns just how to run a 12 hour track race and is likely to be doing battle with the Maggot for first Victorian across the finish line to claim those all important first AURA points of the year.

Looking more towards home, Darren McClellan flies the flag for NSW too, coming off the back of a barnstorming run at GNW. Who knows if that will still be in his legs somewhat, but Darren is a force to be reckoned with and someone who is likely to squeeze one of our Victorian friends off the podium and relegate them to the bench.

Finally, don’t discount ultra legend Paul Every either. Paul has been running himself back into form with good results at GOW and GNW late last year. If any of the top guys faulter, Paul will be there to pick up some carnage late on in the race.

In the 100km event, we have just three ladies. We’re going to give the nod to Dave Byrnes’ better half, Sharon. So our top three for the 12 hour?

  • Jo Blake
  • Darren McClelland
  • Mal Gamble (and Zac a very close 4th)
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14 thoughts on “Narrabeen Allnighter Form Guide

  1. I am tipping me. I will be following everyone else as they will be in front of me. Looking forward to the race and now I know who I need to get out of the way of as they lap me.

  2. Zac doesn’t know how to run on roads yet, but this is shorter than Glasshouse. I predict he won’t blow up this time, unless he gets distracted by either the local support wolf whistling at his shirtless torso, or if someone slips a little chili schnaps into his water bottle. Either way, a podium is on the cards alongside Jo and Darren.

  3. Poor Darren copped Barry Loveday in 2011, now Jo Blake this year, Darren looked in fantastic shape last weekend at BTBS even the commando roll scored a 10…don’t write him off
    Will we see another 147km’s?

  4. Probably need to run over 130km to win it. There are at least 5 guys who can do that. It will come down to who has the best plan and who executes their plan on the night. Either way it’s going to be great watching how far Jo gets in front of maggotman before he puts the burners on or whether maggotman tries to go for it early on and put a buffer between Zac and Darren and himself. Yippah, pumped.

  5. New to this Ultra Marathon stuff! Think I will be happy with 110kms on Debut. Ultra Wife is going for 80kms on Debut.

    Time will tell.

    Just hope my crew do not fall asleep. Odds are they will.

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