Vote for your Footpoint Female Ultra Performance of 2011

Today it’s the turn of the ladies, who are seeking your vote as they vie for best performance of the year. Two days ago saw the opening of the male performance of the year, and you can still vote in that in that poll if you haven’t already. If so, click here to read all about the contenders.

As for the ladies, we’ve listed out a number of worthy performances that have caught our eye in 2011. The question is, who do you think should win? Unusually we’ve included someone who finished second in the GNW 100 miler, but we think she deserves to be in the list as she ran under the old course record, plus it was her debut run at the 100 mile distance.

There are a lot of course records again in this list, just as we had with the men. Plus some great performances over the longer and much shorter distances too.

But who gets your vote?

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14 thoughts on “Vote for your Footpoint Female Ultra Performance of 2011

  1. Wasn’t Shona’s GNW100km also good for 2nd overall? That is definitely worth mentioning.
    And Beth’s win at B2H broke a record that has stood for many years, 16 I think from memory. So a very significant record and great run.

  2. Thanks for adding that whippet. I’d love to add all sorts of details to the poll, but it would end up looking a bit messy, so appreciate you chipping in. Joanne is one to keep an eye on too. She did Almost 70kms in the Adelaide 6 hour event, and only just missed out on winning the whole thing.

    One of my favs for the year has to be Julie quinn’s North Face performance, beating all the pro’s along with it too. A quality run…

  3. No doubt in my mind that the markedly understated Sarah Barnett gets the vote: Won the Athens 1000K Women’s race in early April in 9days12h24min (5th outright) then less than 5 days later completed the Sri Chinmoy 10 day race in New York (3rd place, 670 miles), In November she won the Women’s 8 Day No Finish Line Ultra in Monaco (4th outright) and set a new course record of 913.045K!

    1. Thanks for voting vix. Yes indeed lots of great performances by the ladies this year as indicated by the new course records and the ‘chicking’ that’s been going on too!

  4. Have to concur with Flyer and vote for Sarah, she is an incredible athlete.
    Just a quick question, again there is a female runner with multiple runs on the voting card, I thought we were voting on the single best performance? Sorry to be pedantic but if you stuck Vizey’s C2K podium up alongside his GNW win and record I would have given him the nod.

    1. Sorry spud. Missing out vizeys c2k performance was an oversight on my part. However what I was trying to do was kill two birds with one stone and not have to repeat the name in the list by having them in there twice. I’ll make it clearer next time so that people know they are voting for one specific performance.

      As for multiple performances, the next award which I’ll go up later tonight is based on consistency of performance, rather than individual performances, so you’ll get your chance to vote then for who has delivered time and time again. You might spot your own name in there mate 🙂

  5. OK voted for Meredith. 2 sensational performances either worthy of recognition. Not many men would have run further or faster at either event.(ever)
    Pam Musson- GNW??(Won by Meredith) Do you mean 2nd at C2K?
    Peggy Mcqueen should read Razorback.

  6. Julia Fatton. C2K course record. Dominated the race from 70km.

    If it is about performances at Australian races, surely Julia’s performance is worth a listing. If not, why is Anna’s 6 Foot win listed?

    1. Cheers Paul. You’ve spotted our delicate loophole 🙂 nah in all seriousness, all comments taken on board and reviewed to make sure we make it an even better process for next year. We like to have armchair critics, otherwise if we listen to all the people who tell us how great we are, there’s a danger we might actually believe it 🙂 much better to have opinion from those who’ve been there and done it that will ultimately make us better in the longer term.

  7. Shonas second over all at GNW has my vote but was def hard all very worthy runs! Julie quinns run at NF was amazing with all the overseas talent .. great having so many fantastic female runners in Oz 😉

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