Are you entered in the North Face 100?

No sooner has GNW finished, but we have yet another huge race on in just over a week’s time, Coast2Kosci. However today sees the opening of entries for what is the largest trail ultra-marathon in Australia, the North Face 100.

Despite what you think about the price of entry, the amount of kit you have to carry or the lack entry requirements, there’s no doubt that this race is the biggest ultra in Australia that attracts everyone from the very beginners entering our lovely sport, through to some of the World’s highest class athletes.

Last year saw God himself (Kilian) make his way over here with team Salomon and their entourage to take out a huge victory and the course record by some distance. It also set Kilian off on a journey of five wins in five continents across 2011. Next year we hear rumours that some of those high-class athletes will be back to run again in our premier ultra-marathon event, and no doubt, Salomon will bring another level of professionalism to proceedings too.

Kilian victorious at last year’s North Face 100

On a personal level it was great to meet the team when they came over and see how they’d developed their products, but above all, just how serious they were taking the Aussie market. Some of the other companies involved in trail and ultra running could learn a thing or two from them.

But this isn’t meant to be a wax lyrical post about Salomon, this is to celebrate what will be the start of 2012 training and a whole new year of fun.

Last year, Marcus and Andrew managed to take-out the pairs competition with a big win and a new course record to boot too. Myself and Keith Mearns took out a credible 6th place in the pairs also, while Poppy Darrel defied the laws of ageing with a massive sub 13 hour effort.

Ultra168 will again be heavily involved in the race in terms of entering and participating, but we’ll also seek to deepen our coverage of the race in a similar vein to our efforts with the big trail ultras that occurred in the back half of this year.

The North Face 100 is the one race where we as ultra runners get a chance to really test ourselves against some of the best talent on show not only in Australia but on an International level too. From the local contingent, we’ll have to take a look at the entry list, but we’re sure that the following well-known names such as Andy Lee, Brendan Davies, Mick Donges, Clarke McClymont and our own Andrew Vize will be leading the charge.

From the ladies, Julie Quinn ran a stormer last year to take out the women’s overall and a new record. Beth Cardelli is likely to want to get her record back for sure. Watch out for Jess Baker who came second in the ladies GNW 100 mile race. If she enters and trains well, she’s another one that’s likely to push for a podium.

Over and above those mentioned, there’s likely to be many more that we haven’t mentioned, but until we see the list of entrants, this is all speculation. For now, we all hope that if you’ve entered, you’ve managed to gain a place and you’re thinking about your training plans ahead of what will be a wonderful journey for most. For now, enjoy a video we pulled together from last year’s event below.

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I'm a mediocre runner who can bat above his average when I train hard. A man of extremes, I do enjoy everything life offers and consider it an absolute pleasure just to be able to put one foot in front of the other and let my mind wander somewhere different.

22 thoughts on “Are you entered in the North Face 100?

  1. There’s a big contingent of quality SEQ trail runners coming down to challenge the southern scum for this one.
    Watch out for the likes of:
    Ben Duffus – a member of the U-20 Aussie Mtn running team, has recently decided to train like a healthy Anton Krupicka.
    Dave Coombs – previous top-tener at TNF, 100 mile pb 16:45
    Caine Warburton – Has won five SEQ trail events this year
    Delina Rahmate – Always places, usually wins.

    1. Haha open up the banter Zac. nice. I feel left out of that list though so have concocted a new race plan. If I leg it out front for a healthy lead by the time the trail starts, set some booby traps for all the 168ers, and you Zac. I could do alright.

  2. I’m in for TNF100 number 3. Looking forward to the months ahead of training in the Blueys. First up Kepler this weekend.

  3. I’m not entering this year as concentrating on other pursuits however I’ll be following this one closely.

    Wouldnt mind joining some of you guys for some speed work in the mountains in the new year as part of 6ft track training.

  4. $330 entry fee! My wife is going to explode. I tell her what a cheap sport running is relative to cycling and golf. Now I am not so sure. For that price they could supply you with the mandatory gear! I just outlaid the best part of a grand to do Kepler so…….

  5. HA ha Zac no webster he’s still stuck on breaking that 5k PB.
    SEQ will be a great team heading down. Nothing like a change from the relative flatness of the SEQ trail scence to the Mountains of the south. Can’t wait …..Looks like Mt warning will be our home for the next few months.

    1. welcome to the website Caine, good to have you commenting. I can see a nice little battle waging up here – all in good spirit of course.

      Oh and by the way, you can’t count Kingscliffe or Pottsville in Queensland guys, Dave Coombs belongs to NSW 🙂

      1. I DONT THINK SO. If he trains in QLD, eats in QLD, Races in QLD, has friends in QLD He must belong to the QLD team. You south southerners can find your own runners. lol =). (p.s nearly all of our SEQLD team technically have address that place us in NSW …..Its all about where your loyalties lie.!)

  6. Dave Coombs can race for whoever he likes, anyone who gives up his salt tablets mid race is a good bloke IMO. I think his comment as i went past asking for them was along the lines of “have mine, they’re no use to me anymore, my quads are fooked” Classic

  7. I will follow this one online this year. $330 for a trail race is a joke. Will concentrate on some flat marathons around the same time before the build up to GNW.

    Good luck to Ultra 168 boys.

    Now back to 6ft training

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