The Big ‘G’ Tipping Competition Results

After the three big races, we have our winner. The results are in, the number of winners counted and times assessed. Just to recap, the three individual winners of the races were as follows:

  • Glasshouse 100 miler: Rob Mason correctly predicting Mike Le Roux
  • Great Ocean Walk 100km: George El-Hage correctly predicting Julian Spence
  • Great North Walk 100 miler: Darren Mooney correctly predicting Andrew Vize

But who won overall? As we said, the winner would be based on the person who predicted the most amount of winners from the three races. If we had a scenario whereby we had a number of people correctly predicting the number of winners, we would move to overall time that those people predicted against the overall times of the winners.

Nikki at this year's GOW100km

So who won? Well in the end we had six people correctly predict two winners, so we moved to overall time – and it was close.

The overall winner of the competition is Nikki Wynd who correctly tipped Julian Spence to win GOW and Andrew Vize to win GNW with a total predicted time of 48:43 across the three races and being very close to the actual overall winning time of 47:38.

Nikki narrowly out tipped Glasshouse tipping winner Rob Mason on 49:22 and Great Ocean walk leg winner George El-Hage on 49:31.

Nikki wins a whole heap of prizes for her efforts including a Salomon trail running kit, a Suunto watch and a pair of Hoka OneOnes – all up over $1,500 worth of swag will be coming her way. It tops off a great year for Nikki whom of course won the ladies 100km event at the Great Ocean Walk 100km in October. Well done!

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16 thoughts on “The Big ‘G’ Tipping Competition Results

      1. Sorry AV, I didnt allow for the road running at the start, you being a trail runner & all it must have slowed you a few minutes!! Well done anyway.

  1. And dammit bleakwoman, how could you let me down, I had you tipped to take out all three races based on your extensive knowledge of shoes.

  2. Yep,always thought low 22’s but it is easy to say when he is smashing you at training all the time.

    Nothing is for free and AV paid his dues and gets what he deserves.

    Maybe we could have had a prize for the most time on a leg.Whats with the 8 hours Bull…

      1. oh and to rub it in, who should pass me on the last leg … gareth! possibly the previous ‘longest duration’ record holder for the leg. he walked past me like a bullet train.

  3. Too funny Bull, disappointed you took my record, but well deserved. Sorry I didn’t stop to listen to your life story, I had a finish to get to.

    Seriously, well done though, must have been hard work!

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