Ultra168 Beginners Guide to Running 100 Miles – Part 5 – Passion

Over the last few weeks we have brought you some great tips to ensure you are physically and mentally prepared to run 100 miles. In our final video installment we call upon Andy Jones-Wilkins and his excellent panel to talk about something that is much more difficult to quantify. And in a twist, this time the panel fire a question at AJW.

The question quite simply asks him what the Western States 100 means to him. I am sure you will agree from watching this video, you can see that certain races have special meaning for competitors. I know from my colleagues here at Ultra168 that we all have a particular event that gets into our blood and we look forward in excitement and trepidation when that race comes around on the calendar each year.

Whether it’s GNW100, C2K, TNF100, GOW100, Northburn100 or any of the iconic overseas races that gets your heart pumping and goosebumps down your arm, one thing is for sure, when athletes of the calibre of AJW can talk with such meaning about a race what you are seeing is the passion we all have for this sport.

So, in the final few days before we toe the line at the 2011 GNW100 miler and you are looking for a bit of final motivation, enjoy AJW’s honest account of what a 100 miler means to him. In my view, videos don’t get much better than this!

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