GNW Final Thoughts

Just for a little bit of fun and frolics, we place the final thoughts over to you our readers to ask you how you’re feeling ahead of Saturday. Even if you’re not running, imagine you are and tell us how you think you’d feel. Over to you guys…

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I'm a mediocre runner who can bat above his average when I train hard. A man of extremes, I do enjoy everything life offers and consider it an absolute pleasure just to be able to put one foot in front of the other and let my mind wander somewhere different.

12 thoughts on “GNW Final Thoughts

  1. Looking at the forecast this is going to be like Western States meets Badwater. You guys should all be crapping yourselves!

    Good luck to everyone running, you are all superhuman.

    1. Hahahaha, the only thing I’ll say Whippet is “Go with what you know”. GNW is not a time for experimentation… Looking forward to catching up mate – will you be at the dinner? If so, see you there…

    1. A bit long but ….

      Well where did that 2 years go. It was two years ago that I last started the GNW 100 miler. I was not fit and recall vividly the moment that I told Tall Geff and Seris to leave me as I was in trouble and I did not want to hold them up. That was about 20k into a 175k race.

      I think then I knew it would be a case of when I DNF’d and not if. Well I did DNF but really I was timed out at CP3 at about 80k when I got in after the cut off. That has been on my mind ever since and last year I pulled a hamstring a week out and had DNS. IT is 3 to me and 2 the course in the 100 miler – so I am in front and plan to stay that way.

      I had a minor hamstring issue in early May and since then no issues and so I have been able to train and run well. I managed a PB at the GH 100 miler in September and my best marathon time was a 3.36 in October. Since then I have trained consistently and by my standards well. So in regard to preparation I believe I have done all that I could over the last few months.

      The course is a monster in regard to the rise and fall. Well I just need to manage that on the day/night/day. Navigation is a real issue if you are not familiar with the course or do not pay attention but thankfully I have run the course enough that I do not need to refer to the maps or directions. (probably a statement I will regret). So that should not be an issue.

      My gear is all that I have used before.

      So what I am saying is that I am prepared as I can be. I know I am physically strong. Mentally I believe I am strong because of my fitness and my past experience in the race. So I just need to be thinking during the race and keep mentally positive at all times.

      A expect to finish and that is the only objective. I have a race plan as regards times and will use that as a guide to keep me well ahead of the cut off times. My visualisation at the moment is all about running down the beach at Patonga late afternoon on Sunday

  2. Great comment Eagle. And very much similar to my last few years at this beast.

    2008 was first year – 100km and loved every second. 2009 and 100 miler – out at CP4 . 2010 and the miler again but this time my prep was bad – New York 5 days prior was not good timing.

    This year and consistent marathons, last a 3:27 in Melb and many weekend runs on the trail. Plenty of gym work this year – kettle balls, core, etc , and I am feeling better than ever. So I approach this year with a new enthusiasm.

    Must thank Ultra 168 for the great posts, as it provides great inspiration.

    I hope all runners do well , and my money is on fit a new course record. Who ? AV or EH ?

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