Ultra168 Beginners Guide to Running 100 Miles – Part 3 – Quads

AJW and colleagues return to conclude their “Holy Trinity” of critical factors you need to manage and manage well in order to give yourself every opportunity to complete your first 100 Miler.

In this episode, the panel give some great insights into getting your quads in shape for your race and the all important maintenance of them during the race. This video in particular resonated with Andrew and myself at this years WS100 which has a significant downhill component to the race especially in the latter stages with loads of running on offer and the tips suggested will prove very useful at the upcoming GNW100 in a couple of weeks.

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11 thoughts on “Ultra168 Beginners Guide to Running 100 Miles – Part 3 – Quads

  1. Good advice at the end ‘Run your own race do not race against another runner’. I will be happy to finish and I will manage that strategry at all times during the event. With I think about only 40% of starters finishers then I want to be in that number. I have 3/5 finishes in the 100m and intend to make that 4/6.

    1. Wise words Eagle! AJW and crew are some of the smartest veterans on the circuit and I am firmly in the camp of “listen to everyone and follow no one”. Hope to be one of the positive few who finish as well and by aiming to control those things in my grasp, e.g. training, gear choice, nutrition strategy etc and going with the flow on the stuff I can’t, e.g. weather I am looking forward to some fun. Look forward to seeing you on the beach come Sunday week 😉

  2. Some great stuff there, I have just caught up with the whole series. Downhill running is a pet hate of mine, so this latest installment was particularly useful.

    1. Thanks Danger. I think Luanne makes a good point. A couple of days of steep downhilling like Kedumba and then 3 days of DOMS and then I am set for quite a while before I need to repeat it.

  3. Other ways to trash quads a few weeks before the race if you don’t have a trail to do it on…
    Wall-sits, squats, lunges and sand hills are a few of my favorite things!
    Repeat them until you can’t.

  4. Interesting what they were saying about ibuprofen. I understand it can lead to kidney failure. Do you guys take any pain killers or do you just want to feel every step?

    1. I know a couple of years ago a certain member of Ultra168 used to rattle when they ran, but not any more. Ibuprofen is far too scary to mess with when pushing the body to the limit. It was amazing to see so many of the WS100 competitors so cautious of these drugs.

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