“Dunce or Dux”

Dunce is in town...

Well I don’t know if I am a  ” Dunce or the Dux “of 168, my week has been a runathon everywhere but on the GNW. Monday was an a fairly easy 12 km’s around Strickland Forest. After receiving a phone call last week, I traveled to a little town called Tumbarumba, just off the Hume & Hovell and about 5 hours south of Sydney. Ran about 45 km’s from Henry Angel Track and headed north. An amazing part of the world and to repay all the people that helped us on the H & H 15 months ago we are trying to help arrange a 100 km Event for 2012.

Briefly it has a great rain forest section and some kms similar to the Alpines. Even managed to see some wild Brumbies. Wednesday was a day off and Thursday was a pleasant 10 kms in the Jilliby state forest. Friday I thought would be my last training so I decided to do some stairs. Started with Mick doing some hill reps then 20 sets of stairs then 4 more hill reps then 5 more stairs, pretty smashed and not feeling the best I go home and crash on the lounge for an hour. This is where the “Dunce” part comes in. I ring Gareth and arrange to do 42 km’s in the Blue Mountains. After GP smashes me I am sitting on my lounge thinking about no more running until Saturday fortnight.

” Dunce “

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5 thoughts on ““Dunce or Dux”

  1. But how good was the pie at the end! Was great fun D, the climb up Solitary is always interesting. We got to practice our walk the downhill, run the uphill strategy.

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