And the winner is… GOW100km Tipping Competition

George El-Hage… stand-up please!

I think after the slightly ‘wild’ times predicted from the Glasshouse 100 miler event, people actually put their thinking caps on for this one and we received a lot of very good guess-timates of times ๐Ÿ™‚ To his credit, George was only 13 minutes offย  Julian’s overall winning time of 9hrs 58mins, guessing a time of 10hrs 11mins. special mentions must also go to Aimee Taylor and the winner of the ladies event, Nikki Wynd, who were only a few minutes off George’s winning time.

The great news however is that of those who backed Mike Le Roux, didn’t back our GOW100km winner Julian Spence, which means that we have a whole number of people all sitting on one winner. What does this mean for you? Well if you correctly guess the winner of the GNW 100 miler, you basically stand a great chance of winning the overall prize of $1,500 worth of running gear.

Just a reminder of the rules, the winner is decided by the overall number of correct predictions as far as winners is concerned. For example, if one person correctly predicts two winners out of the three races, they win the overall prize. If we land with a number of people on two winners, then we move to overall time and the person closest to predicting the total time of the winners. Simple as.

So… the next thing for you guys to do is to get your final predictions in for GNW. Remember, this is the Big Daddy of the races and the stakes are high, as is the quality of the field running. Look out for our form guide, which we’ll be posting soon to give you an idea of whom we think is going to take out the honours.

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