Follow the Great Ocean Walk 100km Live!

To make things a little easier for everyone to follow the race online, we’ve added a nifty bit of software that you’ve probably seen on when they cover the big races over in the States. All you have to do is click on the ‘click here’ link at the bottom of this post and a window should magically appear when you do. If it doesn’t, then you’re in trouble because I’m running in the race 🙂

If you use the hashtag #GOW100s when tweeting (if you feel so inclined, then it should appear on our little screen). I’ve also (hopefully) programmed this to ensure that tweets from the official RD (@GOW100s) come through along with other influential Tweeters and runners too. What I’m saying is that we should get a plethora of tweets and updates! If you’re following the feed and will be commenting, let me know your Twitter name before the race and I’ll add you to the feed so that your tweets appear automatically.

There won’t be the option for you to comment as we won’t unfortunately have someone on hand to manage these comments, so the easiest way to add your own thoughts is via Twitter and using the hashtag #GOW100s. Your tweets will automatically appear on the feed.

Click Here for GOW100km LIVE

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