One week to get your predictions in for GOW

It’s that time again boys and girls –  you’ve got one week to go until deadlines close for your predictions for GOW, so send your winner’s name and time to Entries will close at 11:59pm Friday 14th October.

Remember brains mean prizes, and we all love a bit of free swag. Interestingly, no-one has predicted myself as a potential winner, which is probably a good thing given that my aim is to use Gordi as a pacer and then hold his hand on the finish line 🙂

And as if you didn’t need a reminder as to why not to play with Gordi on race day, here’s a picture of him above trying to show his Coastie lover, Darrel Robins the way in the GOW 100 miler last year.

If you need a reminder as to what the prizes entail and what the form guide looks like, have a look at our predictions article form a few weeks back, which you can find here.

Happy tipping people!

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I'm a mediocre runner who can bat above his average when I train hard. A man of extremes, I do enjoy everything life offers and consider it an absolute pleasure just to be able to put one foot in front of the other and let my mind wander somewhere different.

2 thoughts on “One week to get your predictions in for GOW

  1. Never mind Gordi’s directions, that pic reminds me how bad the weather was last year! Rumour has it you only plan to run with Gordi in case you encounter that huge koala that scared you last time.

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