Aussies in the medals at Commonwealth 24hr Championships

Aussies David Kennedy and Meredith Quinlan won individual medals at the Commonwealth 24hr Championships in Wales yesterday. David put in a stellar performance to take individual silver with a distance of 236.1410kms, whilst Meredith backed up her already impressive performances in 24 hour running with a bronze medal and clocking up 216.6337kms in the process.

David Kennedy takes individual silver (Pictures from Bernadette Benson)
Meredith Quinlan wins individual bronze (Pictures from Bernadette Benson)

The overall winner was Lizzy Hawker (ENG) with a new Female Worlds Best Performance of 246.4080, and fresh off her phenomenal performance at last month’s UTMB. John Pares (WAL) took out the male race overall followed by David Kennedy and Pat Robbins (ENG). In the females race, Lizzy was followed by Emily Gelder (WAL) and Meredith (AUS).

The full results for the Aussies were:

David Kennedy, 2nd, 236.1410km
Anth Courtney, 9th, 219.7138
Meredith Quinlan, 10th, 3rd Female, 216.6337
Susannah Harvey-Jamieson, 18th, 6th Female, 204.3133km
John Pearson, 19th, 204.3133
Sharon Scholz, 22nd, 7th female, 197.1264
Rick Cooke, 26th, 189.9395km
Jo Blake, 32nd, 171.4589km

The Commonwealth trail championships are also on today, we’ll bring you full results as they are known.

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