And the winner is… Round one of the Ultra168 Big Aussie Competition

What a race. You heard it here first πŸ™‚ We called the dark horse, and he came through and snuck a win. But more importantly for you the readers, who won the first leg of our big Aussie Ultra168 Tipping competition?

Rob Mason finishing the Great North Walk 100 miler

Well, this guy not only got the right man, he also picked the fastest time, which makes it even more apt. Step up Rob Mason, who correctly picked Mike Le Roux as the winner and predicting a time of 16:04. Not only this, Rob was at the pointy end of the field too in the 100 miler, finishing in 9th place and a time of 20hrs 47mins. Tidy work and certainly another guy to watch for a solid placing at GNW this year.

For his troubles, Rob wins a Hammer Nutrition goody bag, along with a year’s subscription to Outer Edge magazine. Nice one Rob, at least someone listens to the Ultra168 crew and does a bit of homework πŸ™‚

BUT, this does thrown our competition wide open. Instead of having fifty million people correctly guessing, only a handful got it right, which in our book means that there’s all to play for on the next two races. By no means is GOW a clear-cut race. There’s a few other dark horses in that one too, so watch out for our forthcoming form guide to make your pick. We reckon it’s unlikely that someone will pick all three winners, so if you get two, you could be in with a shout, and then we go to closest overall time from all three ultras.

Once again, there will be a Hammer Nutrition goody bag on offer and another subscription to Outer Edge magazine up for grabs for the next race – so get your entries in fast.

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5 thoughts on “And the winner is… Round one of the Ultra168 Big Aussie Competition

  1. Hi Charlie, it certainly is worth tipping the other two races because it’s still all to play for. The fact that not many people picked Mike also means the competition is wide open.

    The competition will be decided by who picks the most winners of each of the three races i.e. if one person picks all three winners then they win. However, based on the fact that very few got this one right, I think it quite unlikely that someone will pick three winners. So there’s still a very good chance of getting the next two right, plus there’s still prizes on offer for each of the individual races.

    If we get into a situation whereby a number of people will be on two winners, then we move to overall time i.e. of those people that predicted two winners, who got the closest overall total time in all three races.

    Also, for the trouble of entering a name a possible time for some prizes, it’s a pretty simple thing to do πŸ™‚ Hope that all makes sense, but the short answer is yes its still possible to win, so get your prediction in.

  2. Yes! I won!
    What an amazing run by Mike, Dave Waugh in sprinting home to get under 16 hours and the other daves for a cracking time. Also to Spud and Gordi. Spud is made of iron, I am certain of it – running the majority of the race with a broken wrist????? Special mention to Mal Gamble who ran a strong 18:45. Top work Mal.

    Mike blasted past me on his way home from Cp 9 as I was heading toward CP 9 on my way out to do the Eastern Loop, with Dave Waugh not too far behind. I was shocked when I saw his headlamp coming towards me and was calculating that he was more than 40kms in front of me!!!!

    Thanks for the form guide Ultra 168. And for your website. Really great stuff.


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