Update #2 – Leaving the Loops at CP8 – Scores on the doors #GH100

So here’s where we stand now that the front runners have left the loops at CP 8, which is 68kms into the race:

1st Dave Waugh leading – 6hrs25mins

2nd Mike le Roux – 6hrs 32mins

3rd Dave Eadie and Dave Coombs – 6hrs 34mins

5th Zac BS – 7hrs 9mins

6th Mal Gamble – 7hrs 11mins

7th Spud and Gordi – 7hrs 30mins

It’s still very early days, but looking at these times, the front three runners are on course record pace. Zac has picked it up a notch, but this is his first 100 miler, will he keep the pace going? Mal is a solid veteran of this course too with a 19 hour 100 miler to his name up here. Spud I feel is just lurking in the wings, waiting and watching for some potential carnage later on 🙂

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