Ultra168 Competition – Readers Glasshouse predictions

There’s still a little bit of time to get your entry in, so if you’re still thinking about it, don’t spend too much time thinking 🙂

With this in mind, we thought we’d give you a bit of a run-down as to whom you guys and gals have picked for the win, and a bit of a range of the times too.

FlyingKiwi initially asked us to post the actual times from everyone. First up, there would be a little too many to do so, and secondly we don’t want to be giving away any advantage to people who are entering all three races for a shot at the overall big prize, which we think is pretty damn awesome to be honest.

So without further ado, here are the scores on the doors and your favourites to win Glasshouse…

Dave Eadie at the Gold Coast 100km
Dave Waugh - World 24hr in Korea

As suspected, it seems to be a two-horse race between the two big guns called Dave. That’s Dave Waugh and Dave Eadie, with the former polling just a few more votes that the man from Mexico, Dave Eadie. These guys polled a huge 76% of the vote, with the other 24% being shared equally between Mike le Roux, Zac Braxton-Smith and last year’s winner Dave Coombs.

From your editors perspective, it’s hard to look beyond the two Dave’s up front, given their pedigree. However, a big call from me is that I do think Mike le Roux could surprise a few. He’s my dark-horse for this race and do watch out for Phil Murphy too, he will be in the mix. BUT, if I have to call it, I’m going Dave Waugh with a 16hr 47min victory.

In terms of times, the average time picked by all entrants for the winner is slower than I would have thought. It seems you Aussies are a conservative bunch, or you know something I don’t – 17hrs 27mins seems to be par. My thoughts are that with the quality of runners-up front, we would see a potential new course record. However I do hear there’s been quite a bit of rain north of the border, so this could see a rather muddy and wet course, hence some slower times.

We have quite a range as far as fastest and slowest winning times are concerned. One optimistic punter has gone for a 16hrs 04mins winning time. A lightly less than optimistic person has plumped for a rather pedestrian 19hrs 45mins – even I’d fancy my chances with that 🙂

Thanks to everyone who’s entered to make this, our first foray into competitions a very successful one and also to the sponsors for having some faith in us and putting up the prizes.

Fingers crossed I have arranged with the runner formerly known as UCB to get some updates from the course as he crews ultra legend, Phil Murphy. So all being well, Ultra168 will have the latest updates on the leaders as they head around this wonderful area tomorrow – so stay tuned for updates as and when we get them. Good luck our punting friends!

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7 thoughts on “Ultra168 Competition – Readers Glasshouse predictions

  1. It’s up to you Whippet, you can send in your predictions for all 3 races, or you can send them in one at a time before each race. You only need to pick the winner though, not the podium. If people pick the same winner (which is highly likely), we move to time.

  2. If your name is Dave the sun shines out of your proverbial and for good reason.

    I should send one of my mates up there. Ok he hasn’t done any running but he crewed for me once at GNW and combined with the name that should give him a good chance.

    Going to make for interesting watching whoever takes it out.

  3. Can’t dispute the talent of Dave Waugh but Eadie has finished Western States twice with impressive times. That course is far more challenging and this guy just gets better with age.

  4. Thanks for your comments Jessica, and welcome to Ultra168. It will certainly be a close one we think between the two Dave’s – we’ll find out sometime tomorrow night about this time I reckon! Still 2 hours or so to get your entries in 🙂

  5. I’m predicting Bill Thompson will continue to hold the record number of finishes, both at GH and 100’s generally. Wet conditions are really challenging at GH, what with a deeply rutted course and numerous ATV’s zooming around illegally.

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