Last day to get your entries in for the Ultra168 competition

It’s the last day to get your entries in for the first leg of our competition. We’ve had a great number of responses from people within the ultra running community, so thank-you for your support. This hopefully means we’re doing the right thing! We will accept entries up until midnight tonight for those that want to get some last-minute thoughts together, so email us at with your selection.

As an aside, I’ve had to pull from the 100km event with injury. I’ve been battling with a lower right leg issue this week (strained  tibialis posterior for those in the know), and it’s still an issue. With the Great North Walk 100 miler the priority for this year, it’s with a massively heavy heart that I have pulled – this does mean that I won’t be heading up to Queensland now as originally planned, so we won’t be able to report on the race. Apologies in advance for those that had hoped for some up to the minute reports, but with a pregnant wife at home, I thought it good form to stay with her this weekend.

Please do check Cool Running for any updates/details on the race as it progresses as I’m sure there will be people posting on there with updates too, and we’ll post the winner and time as soon as we know. Good luck everyone.

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