The Big Aussie Ultra168 Competition

Ultra168 has been up and running now for just under three months, and in that time the amount of ‘hits’ and interest we’ve had from people has simply staggered us. We’ve received lots of kind comments from runners all over the country as ultra and trail running seems to be really catching a wave over here in Australia – our goal is to help boost this even further.

As a bit of a thank-you, and to hopefully attract even more people to the sport, we’ve set-up a little competition with some fantastic prizes on offer, based around the upcoming big trail ultras run in Australia. At this point, we’d love to thank the companies who have put up the prizes, namely:

Here’s how the competition will work…

First of all to enter, you need to be a subscriber to Ultra168, so if you haven’t already, hit that “I want Ultra168 updates” button on the right-hand panel of the homepage.

The Three Big “G’s”

Over the course of the next few months, the three big ‘G’ trail ultras will be run in Australia and we’ve picked these to base our competition around, namely the Glasshouse 100 miler, the Great Ocean Walk 100km and finally the daddy of them all, the Great North Walk 100 miler.

Don’t worry too much if you’re not ‘au fait’ with the runners, we’ll be posting our form guides as we draw closer to each of the events, and if you haven’t already, check out our Glasshouse 100 miler form guide for a bit of help with the first race.

For each race, we want you to pick the winner, plus the time in which you think he or she will win it in. The person who correctly predicts the winner of each race will win the prize. However, in the likely event that we have a number of people correctly predicting the winners of each of the races, the prize will be awarded to the person who is closest to the winning time, regardless of whether that is under or over the time.

For example, if you think Dave Waugh will win the Glasshouse 100 miler in 16hours and 36mins, simply send an email to with your winner, their time, and also the email address you used to subscribe to Ultra168 with. It’s really important you do this so that we can verify your entry and that you qualify for the prizes, for example you can use the template below:


Email Address:

Glasshouse 100 miler winner and time:

Great Ocean Walk 100km winner and time:

Great North Walk 100 miler winner and time:

Finally, we’ll also have a special accumulator prize for the person that manages to correctly predict all three winners. The same rules will also apply as above however, if we get more than one person correctly predicting all three winners, then we move to time.

The Prizes

We have some pretty cool names up there willing to part with some of their quality gear for our readers – and this is how we plan to do it:

The person that correctly predicts the winner of each race (moving to time if more than one person gets it right), will win a quality goody bag from Hammer Nutrition containing some of the best sports nutrition food around. This includes 12 x Hammer Gels, 6 x Hammer Bars, 2 x small tubs of HEED and a book entitled Endurance Athletes Guide to Success. They will also receive a one year’s subscription to Outer Edge Magazine.

But there’s more. The person that manages to correctly predict all three winners of each race will receive a massive goody bag worth over $1,500 containing the following:

1 x Salomon Trail Running pack

This will include the choice of new XT WINGS S-LAB 4 or SpeedCross 3 shoes Β An Advanced skin 5 S-lab pack, Exo calf guards, socks, towel, cap, training top and t-shirt – Now you too can look like Kilian!

1 x Suunto Quest Running Pack incl. HR Monitor
1 x Pair of Hoka running shoes

Size and model of your choice

Once again, where we get more than one person predicting all three winners, we’ll move to time as the deciding factor. So this means that while you may not have won the individual race prize, you could still be in with a shout for the overall grand prize, as long as you keep on picking the winners of each race.

The Rules

As always, competitions can be complicated, so we want to make this competition as easy as possible, but we do need to stipulate a few rules so that everyone is clear:

  • This competition is based firstly and foremost upon picking winners of races, with a secondary measure based upon picking the times they will finish in – this measure is there as it is likely we will get a number of people correctly predicting all three winners of each of the races. However, there will be some scenarios to consider, which we have outlined below:
  • In the event of two or more people predicting a winner, the competition will then be decided based upon the closest time to the actual winning time, be that above or below the winning time.
  • In the event that we have two or more people picking both the winner and the same predicted time, the winner will be decided based upon who submitted their entry first – there’s an incentive to get your entries in sooner rather than later!
  • As stated in point one, if no-one picks a winner in the individual event, then we move to the closest predicted time as a way to decide who wins the prize for that event.
  • If no-one correctly predicts all three winners in each of the races, then the overall prize will be based upon the person who has predicted the most amount of winners of each race, regardless of time prediction i.e. If one person predicts two winners, they will receive the accumulator prize.
  • If in the event that no-one predicts any winners in each of the races, the overall prize will be contested by the person who is closest to the overall total time.
  • When submitting your entry, you may either send all three of your predictions at the same time, or you can send them in one at a time prior to each race. However, you will only be allowed to submit one entry per person per race, unless one of your runners pulls out injured (see point below). BUT remember, those that get them in early stand the best chance of winning.
  • The cut-off time for entries prior to each race will be exactly 24 hours before each race starts. No entries will be accepted after this time, so make sure you know what time each race starts.
  • We understand that people will drop out of races because of injury etc… If you have submitted an entry and that person pulls out of the race, you will be permitted to change that prediction right up until 24 hours before the race starts. If your predicted winner pulls out on the morning of the race, no changes will be permitted – that’s life unfortunately!
  • The winner’s of each prize will be notified once the official race results have been published. In the case of the accumulator prize, the winner will be notified once the official results of the Great North Walk are published.
  • Remember, you have to be in it to win it. If you’re not a subscriber to Ultra168, your entry won’t be accepted.
  • Anyone can enter, you don’t have to be Australian!
  • Finally, the judge’s decision is final!
  • Any questions, please send them to, or you can message us on Twitter at @ultra168

Good luck everyone, and get predicting!

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16 thoughts on “The Big Aussie Ultra168 Competition

      1. wish i could actually turn up to some of the races, David Eadie looking good for Glasshouse, real speed combined with toughness usually works on a flat course.

    1. Still wondering how I put an hour on you guys in the last 20k at Northburn. Did you let Gordi lead the way? Or was the wildlife more interesting :p

      1. Matt, you try holding hands with someone and skipping with a my little pony in your rainbow backpack for the last 20km. I reckon an hour gap was good going by team “Garrel”.

      2. Matt nice to hear from you,I hope all is well.What events have you lined up for the rest of the year.

        I was hoping a couple of you guys would be in C2K.

        Some of those prizes would look good on you.

    1. Can you guys post the picks after entries close so that we can mock and laugh at the ridiculous guesses as the race unfolds and then hang heads in shame as the ridiculous picks come true when the outright favourites cave to performance anxiety πŸ˜€

      1. I will have a think about this tonight Matt.

        Have to work out if there are any advantages / disadvantages in future rounds if contestants know each others time differences from previous rounds.

        Stay tuned. At the very least we will provide a table showing favourite picks and perhaps a summary of the times – mins, max, median and average. I do know of one very informed person who has tipped a 19:45 winning time. They may be carrying a big time difference into future rounds, or maybe not.

      2. hmmm maybe a good point. person could be leading the comp by say 30 minutes and therefore pick a more conservative winning time. perhaps putting up a count of picks for each runner with an average winning time.

        19:45 by someone hoping Waugh or Eadie cave in or one of them sandbagging. hahahaha.

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