Video: Insights into the Quality Meats and their Sydney Oxfam Trailwalker win

When most of us embark on a big ultra (100km or 100 mile), we tend to think that those guys at the pointy end have it nice and easy. That they’re great athletes who don’t feel the pain that us middle of the packers do, because they have loads of natural talent and bags of it spare too.

Well this little video will prove it all wrong as you can see just how the Quality Meats traveled on their second consecutive Sydney Oxfam Trailwalker victory. These guys don’t know the meaning of ‘cruising speed’, and for them it’s all or nothing, which generally means ‘all’, and when you give ‘all’… there’s also a whole load of hurting going on too.

The video was shot by Ultra168’s Marcus Warner, who crewed the guys for the day as they won in just over record time of 12 hours 9 minutes. The boys certainly did it tough that day, but as you can see, it’s all smiles and plenty of beer at the end. The video is around 15 minutes long, so make sure you grab a comfy chair, or you have a sandwich for your lunch at work, and see how the boys got on.

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6 thoughts on “Video: Insights into the Quality Meats and their Sydney Oxfam Trailwalker win

    1. Nope not just you Richard, for some reason the video is not linking through right now and I can’t figure out why! Working on it now, so apologies for all those wanting to see some Quality Meats pain 🙂 Hopefully have it sorted asap.

  1. Sorry I missed you guys at Berowra. Tell us how you managed to do such a good time sitting in chais at the CP’s?

    Is anyone going to put the pressure on Team Quality Meats in 2012? We’ll have to wait until next year to find out.

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