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Hi Guys,

Cooba  here.  I’m an Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog and love to run with the guys at Ultra168.  This is a picture of me after doing 70km with Clarkey and Vizey on the weekend.  I had a Garmin 310XT strapped to my collar and you can see in the pic Clarke is writing down my splits.

I was stuffed at the end but not as stuffed as Clarkey was after climbing out of the basin onto Kingtree Ridge with Mick and Vizey.  Vizey was giving Clarkey a hard time asking him if he was a piano removalist?

Can’t wait for next weekend – those pesky roos on the top of Cabans road have been doing some good speed sessions lately – I can’t catch them.

In the meantime I’m hoping you funny guys can caption this photo.

I will pace the winner of the funniest caption in this years GNW.



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Andrew Vize
Sydney based Ultra marathon runner.

10 thoughts on “Cooba – The Wonderdog Blog

  1. Caption competition:

    “Clarke, I’m telling you, the watch doesn’t lie. I not only smashed you by 6km, I also fetched sticks from the dam, chased cows across paddocks and did some intervals at sub 2:00 pace chasing roos across Cabbans Rd. Face it, I’m inside this week with Tiffany and you’re in the Kennel buddy”.

  2. Who let the dogs out, hope Cooba buries his poop like the rest of us…jeez dogs on the GNW, before ya know it they’ll be allowing triathletes on there too! :p

  3. “OK Clarke, if you are ready ? lets go look for Keith “Buzz” Hong, last seen near The Basin” he then lots out a Mutley esque laugh !


    If I keep this up will they make me “Trotter of the Year ?”

  4. Cooba is just a sprinter I reckon… anything over 100kms and I think we could see some severe blow-ups… I hear he’s been speaking to the Mick Miles School of how to run a 100 miler for some advice and tips… oh dear…

  5. Caption:

    “Clarke, I’m not going on any more training runs with you until Darrel stops calling me a short, hairy, puddle licking, monkey looking pretender” Actually that’s exactly what Gareth said to me.

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