Leave me alone wife, “I am an ultra runner” – Darrel training update

Laying on the lounge floor in my man cave trying to tell my wife I need looking after.

Pretty awesome day yesterday with Vizey, Clark, Cobba the dog and Marcus. Spent most of the day with Marcus who surprised me  as to his strength over the 60 plus km’s. We managed to stay within 20 minutes of AV and the tree lopper going out in I don’t really know what time, and then coming back… how bad we were. Still that bloody dog ran us all into the ground.

Managed to get a flat tyre on the way home. I now know why I like Toyota’s, they are an everyday mans car. Bloody Holdens, I honestly can’t think of a person getting a flat tyre, took me bloody half an hour to get all the gear out just to change the tyre. Anyway missed the big Pommy out there who had family duties but did run into Gareth on our way back who I honestly think he is getting shorter. All in all a great day.

Following up today, I managed to run 34 km’s with my TW team who were a bit fresh for me and showed me no mercy. Great running though even if it was pretty wet under foot. Looking forward to Friday as it will be good training for November.

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4 thoughts on “Leave me alone wife, “I am an ultra runner” – Darrel training update

  1. Great title post.

    Picked a few leeches off my shoes after the run on the weekend. Put some nice clean socks on and my shopping shoes, relaxing at cedar brush with Mick and Clarke eating scones and discussing pots of tea.

    Next thing I know I feel a bite on my right foot. Shoe off, sock off, little sucker attached drinking on the base of my foot.

    3 days later my foot is so itchy and swollen, driving me nuts and also causing me to blister on it as it’s rubbing in new spots on my shoes.

    It’s not even leech season yet, but I think it’s going to be an angry mob this year.

    1. Spare a thought for us slow bastards at the back of the pack! Can’t outrun the little suckers and they will be all riled up after you whizzing past and denying them a feed.

  2. I’m with you Whippet, everytime I stand on the startline of a miler I am mentally prepared to be out there for 30, 36, 46 hours, whatever it takes.

    If that’s battling the leeches through the night into the basin surfing cutoffs and dealing with the baking sun on the sandstone plateaus of Scopas peak on the second day then so be it.

    Point is even if your plan is sub 30 or 24 or lower, in the back of your mind you also need to have a plan for sub 36 “whatever it takes” as nobody wants a red X on the Dave Byrnes honour Roll spreadsheet of awesomeness.

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