‘Frosty’ in Wilderness Magazine

Not an interview done by Ultra168, but certainly worth a read is Anna Frost’s interview with New Zealand’s Wilderness Magazine. Anna is part of the Salomon International Running Team, and recently won the 4 Trails races held in Europe off apparently no more than around 55 minutes of training. That’s pure class and natural ability shining through.

Anna smashed onto the Aussie radar last year winning the ladies 6ft track race in a stunning time of 3hrs 50mins, but is probably recognised as one of the World’s strongest ladies mountain runners around with a stunning debut victory at the North Face 50 miler in San Francisco last year too.

A fair few of us at Ultra168 managed to chat to Anna when she was over with the Salomon team for the North Face 100 in the Blue Mountains in May. She’s a top girl and a credit to the sport, I’m sure there will be many more big performances from her in the future.

To read some more about Anna in Wilderness Magazine, click here.

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