It’s not all about the men… Beth Cardelli Western States Report

Beth Cardelli - 2010 North Face 100

As we all know, ultra running amongst women is massively on the increase not only in Australia, but worldwide too. It can be too easy to get wrapped up in the Kilian’s, Roes and Clarke’s of this World, so with just reward have a read of Beth Cardelli’s Western States report, which you can view here.

Beth is one of Australia’s strongest female runners over trail, proven by her North Face 100km win last year. This has since been beaten by Julie Quinn, and it was a shame that Beth was unable to defend her title and race against the Salomon ladies in the 2011 edition.

We know Beth had some injury issues in the lead up to Western States, so her final 12th place overall was a fantastic achievement and I’m sure we can expect much more from her in the coming years. If she enters the Great North Walk 100 miler this year, then the battle for the top placings could be very interesting again.

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