Weekly training update for Terry

Wharf at Patonga beach. Finish line for the GNW 100 miler
left to right Dan, Gordi and Darrel at patonga beach

Mon- off

Tue- 17km

Wed- 19km

Thur- off

Fri- 14km

Sat- 51km

Sun- off

101 km’s for the week. Not a bad week but was hoping for a few more km’s. Managed to get in a couple of good training runs, Saturday’s run was another solid day on the GNW trail, 4 of us ran from Mooney Mooney creek to Patonga and return. Mooney Mooney to Patonga is the final leg of the GNW100 mile race, its nice to run this section with fresh legs. Having ran the last 3 saturday’s on the GNW i think its time for  change of scenery and maybe some bigger hills, i will be heading up to the blue mountains saturday for my favourite trail run. Stay tuned

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