Interviewer turns interviewee – Bryon Powell

In a nice little turnaround, Bryon Powell turns interviewee, with AJW (7 time top ten finisher at WS), asking the questions. Off the back of around 30-50 miles a week, Bryon set a new personal best at Western States this past week, which begs the question… why bother? Hahaha, we’re only joking, sometimes it works out like that doesn’t it? Maybe we’re more relaxed and our expectations are lower, which means we run more freely. If we train our arses off and go into a race more uptight, are we incapable of letting go somewhat? I think this is a question for the boys over at Sport of Science. Indeed, I’m sure they’ve done a paper on it somewhere.

Bryon also chats through the kit he uses, as being an editor of a very successful trail running website, I’m sure he gets sent more kit than he can deal with. Nice one – we’re very jealous. Although Marcus is currently over at Kilians Classik, so we’re hoping he returns with a bag full of booty for us to share and play with when he returns.

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