Training update for Terry

M- off

T- 15km






My first week back and a reasonable 111km. I am happy with the weeks training especially Saturday’s 50k, Dan and I were up on the GNW course again knocking out another solid run.

Its very easy to be motivated at the moment after watching Andrew’s ws100 race ( well done mate fantastic result) and the legs are feeling great at the moment = big k’s this week.

Happy trails

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4 thoughts on “Training update for Terry

    1. thanks martin, i have had a few weeks of with injuries and if i feel a niggle on a run i think the best idea is to have a rest day to recover properly. i am still not 100 percent but hoping to be there soon.

  1. Hi Terry,

    I sent a message to @texultra168 thinking it was your twitter name. Good running in a comeback week. Where on the GNW DI you run?


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