Sydney 2 Melbourne update

Of course, there are other things going on in the World, over and above Western States, and one of those is a huge run being done by our mates recreating the steps of famous runners gone by, running from Sydney to Melbourne. We’ve featured the guys a few times on the website, but here’s a quick update of where they’re at.

Chris and Len training (Credit, SMH)

You can follow their GPS tracker here, but from the looks of things, the guys have just gone past Euroa, and I believe the plan is to arrive in Melbourne either today or tomorrow morning after 11 days. The guys also featured in the Sydney Morning Herald a few days ago, with a great article on why they’re doing this run – to help save endangered species of plants for NSW Seedbank.

On a personal level, the Sydney to Melbourne run is something I’ve often thought about, but as I’ve come to love the trails more and more, the thought of running 900kms on road is a little soul-destroying to be honest, not to mention the strain it puts on the body running on bitumen for that distance.

Credit to these guys for sticking out some horrendous weather and massive trucks flying by them at 110kms p/h. If you’re in Melbourne and you’re reading this, check out when the boys are in town and go down to support them, they deserve it. This is a mammoth effort.

Dan Bleakman

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  1. Hey, I’m trying to plan this run from
    Sydney to Melbourne myself – I want to do it alone and am certainly not an actual athlete although very active. My mental strength is far stronger so I want to challenge myself.. would be great to hear how it went and how dangerous those main roads really are! Thanks, Chelsey Raysbrook.

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