Kilian’s last mile at Western States

If you’re still after more Western States footage, here’s a few links that will satisfy that thirst:

First up is Kilian’s last mile, which you can see here

– The Auburn Journal carries reports of both the men’s and women’s races

Brief Jez Bragg report

Ian Sharman report

Marcus was lucky enough to have a chat with Jez Bragg after the race (Two south-west boys together!), and Jez commented that Kilian was simply untouchable on the hills. Based on this, it’s very hard to see how anyone will get close to him at UTMB this year. Kilian is a hill specialist and he regards Western States as ‘too flat’ for him. This is not an insult on the course, but more that he is suited to the mountains. We’re going to give him the nod for UTMB as well. As someone said to me, with only one American finishing in the top five at this year’s Western States, is this a ‘changing of the guard?’ One thing’s for sure, Geoff Roes and his American compatriots are not going to give up that easily.

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4 thoughts on “Kilian’s last mile at Western States

  1. The only US runner to perform (to potential) at UTMB is Krissy Moehl. She won it in 2009. Many a US runner has failed over there so it high time someone stepped up. Scott Jurek has done well but still not quite cracked it, plenty of dnfs too amongst some notables.
    The depth of serious talent is way richer over there compared to the States. Kilian will smash it again, there is no one close to him on that kind of terrain. That said I hope Geoff runs to his potential this year along with Jurek et al.

  2. I agree Spud, there’s nothing better than having the top guys at their peak to push one another. But if Kilian can win on ‘flat course’ it’s going to be very difficult seeing someone beat him in his own backyard. Gutted I didn’t get in this year, it would have been amazing to have been in the same race as these guys – could this be the start of a kind of unofficial ‘world championship’. It would be great to have 3-4 races around the globe recognised as the ‘global 100 mile grand slam’.

    Would need some serious sponsorship behind it though.

  3. Dont write off Karl Meltzer, he specialises in big mountains. Tony Krupicka would suit the UTMB course very well but that will have to be next year.

  4. Too true Charlie… Jez Bragg will be in the mix again for sure. But seriously, can anyone see Kilian losing on this course? I think Geoff Roes will be mad for it and will run him close, but I’m backing the little man from Catalan again.

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