Will we see a European top 3 at #ws100 this year?

As we move into the final stages of this year’s race, the #WS100 Twitter handle reports that Kilian Jornet has just arrived at the 85 mile mark (Auburn Lakes Trails) 30 minutes ahead of the ‘expected runner’ time. Is Kilian putting the afterburners on now? It seems so. Having met him in Australia for The North Face 100 (where he strolled to a win), he seemed 100% focused on righting the wrongs he made at this race last year.

Of course, there’s 15 miles to go yet, but it seems like the man is on a mission. Nick Clark is having a corker of a race, just 4 mins behind Kilian and I think this really does mark the ‘arrival’ of Clark as one of the sport’s top 100 mile runners. If he didn’t already do that last year, he’s doing it now. The guy is a major force to be reckoned with, and more than likely a future winner of this race.

Mike Wolfe is holding the fort for the Americans, with Jez Bragg, another Brit closely behind in fourth. Watch out for Dave Mackey though. A fast runner, he could start to feature now in the last 20 miles as his ground speed could see him start to make up places. Special mention also to Andy Jones-Wilkins, one of the most consistent performers in this race over the last 10 years. A few had written him off for another top 10 finish, but it seems there’s life in the old dog yet. Go Andy, we’re gunning for you here at Ultra168 for another top ten finish – legend.

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