Western States update #7: Aussie update #ws100

After a little break here at Ultra168 towers, we’re please to see that Andrew Vize (#382), is starting to smash himself up good and proper and is making his way through the field. He’s currently 37th male and 47th overall.

In other news, apparently a bear was on the trail and caused a bit of a nightmare for the three leading ladies. That is one thing you do not need at 89 miles into a race. I know here in Australia we get paranoid about snakes on the trail, but coming face to face with a bear must be pretty hectic!

Anyway, go on Andrew.Work it like a Mother!

Beth Cardelli is in 18th place in the ladies, and Caroline Pivetta is doing a great job and moving up the field, lying in 24th with Robin Cameron in 32nd.

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