Western States Aussie update #5: Andrew moving on up, Koerner dropped #ws100

So our best Aussie hope for years, Andrew Vize (382) has reached the all important milestone of Forest Hill and the 100km point where he’s now picked up Marcus his pacer. Andrew has hit this CP bang on schedule and we expect him to start moving on up the field now as this is where his strength lies. Mentally he’s as tough as old boots when it comes to the last 60kms, and he’s going to give it absolutely everything we feel – Marcus, run him hard!

As for the other Aussies, Beth Cardelli has picked up a place in the ladies, moving into 16th. Caroline Pivetta is having a cracking race at 24th, after a very disrupted lead-in to the event. Solid as ever, Robin Cameron is moving her way up through the field in 34th.

As for the overall leaders, here’s some pictures of Kilian and Nick Clark as they make their way into the Green Gate checkpoint. (credit irunfar)

UPDATE: Hal Koerner has dropped apparently. According to irunfar.com, it’s now a race of four, with Kilian and Nick Clark bashing heads, Jez Bragg a few minutes behind with Mike Wolfe. It’s playing out just as we thought, a European top three could be on the cards!

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